Promoting Sustainability

The modern architecture combines a contrast of natural textures, namely wood and stone, against contemporary concrete and glass finishing, creating homes that are in harmony with their beautiful surroundings while still providing modern luxury to residents. Residences are built and planned following an amphitheater model in order to preserve the scenic view of the Freikeh Valley and the topography of its natural landscape.

All residences are built with sustainable building materials that are rapidly renewable, recycled, or recyclable. This high-quality construction includes durable materials such as reclaimed or locally sourced PWC wood cladding as well as Testa and natural stones.   Interior amenities include LED lighting and low flow/dual flush toilets.

In order to reduce energy waste by up to 60%, the project was built utilizing a heat recovery exchanger system. This has the dual impact of reducing energy bills as well as promoting sustainability. An on-site wastewater treatment plant ensures that household waste is biologically processed, and an environmentally safe effluent is returned to nature.